Cleaning, done.

Reassure your customers and employees by tracking and displaying the latest cleanings with the digital log sheet.

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For Facility Managers

Taqt was made to replace paper. Trace operations more easily and efficiently.

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Simplicity above all

Taqt terminal is modern and design. Easy to install, maintain and use for everyone.

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Deployed on 10K sites

Our solutions are reliable, maintenance-free and proven on sites as varied as petrol stations, head offices, airports etc.

The ideal traceability solution for real

Reassure users by informing them of the latest cleanings carried out. We have created our solutions in partnership with cleaning companies operating in sectors as varied as hospitals, food processing and cosmetics, where hygiene and monitoring rules are the strictest and the most demanding.

Autonomous solution

Plug & Play

Technical Support

Connectivity included


Objects connected by API
to Facility Service platforms.

The millions of data and information collected feed the Taqt application and the various partner FM platforms.

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Digital Timetables

Interventions are easily recorded and archived for 10 years.

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Smart Cleaning

Better prevention to avoid contamination by triggering targeted interventions.

Plateforme SaaS

Stay focused on operations.
We manage traceability.

Let your teams focus on customer needs, we take care of the traceability and monitoring of your operations.





Our trusted partners


Today, the evolution of Taqt's products, with the objective of operational excellence, offers many advantages and responds to the issues that Sodexo may encounter in Facility Management, with a "customer-focused" orientation that is essential nowadays.

Thomas.B Responsable opérationnel national des achats FM
Sodexo Service aux Opérations France

We started our collaboration with Taqt 4 years ago. During this period, the team has developed a high quality service. The key points are equipment reliability, a very effective implementation support, a sense of customer service and respect for commitments, an evolution of the offer based in particular on innovative solutions. Taqt is one of the major partners in ISS France's Innovation approach.

Jean-Noël.K Innovation Director
ISS France

Excellent commercial relationship, professionalism and sharing of use cases. An impeccable sense of service. Available and responsive, the Taqt teams were able to support us in setting up the terminals at our customer IKEA. The solutions are successful and work perfectly. Data analysis allows us to size, organize and thus manage our human resources according to the different cases of use.

Thibault.M Key Account Development Manager
ELIOR Services

The Taqt solution adopted since 2016 within the TOTAL service station network allows us to measure our customers’ level of satisfaction with the cleanliness of the toilets.The tools made available (reporting, platform,...), the quality of the exchanges with the team, as well as Taqt’s ability to be a force of proposal have led us, this year again, to give them our complete confidence on future projects.

Valérie.C Marketing Satisfaction des clients
Total Marketing France

Simple pricing for all.

An intelligent device to collect powerful data, a SaaS focused on facility management to make the most of it.


Simple to install and connect

Simple and flexible reports

Three technology of traceability available

CMMS integations

Free support included


We adapt the rates to large deployments. Get in touch with us and we'll figure out something that works for you.


What is the autonomy of the device?

We have minimized power consumption to the maximum so that your Taqt equipment will last several years on AA batteries (3 years depending on usage).


How is delivery and installation carried out?

We ship your Plug and Play equipment in a tracked package with installation instructions for a stand-alone installation in a few minutes.


Where are these devices manufactured?

We favour a French design and manufacture, to ensure the quality of the materials and to control each step of the manufacturing process.


How do I contact the after-sales service?

Our team is at your service 5 days a week. If you have a problem, contact us at or by phone at +33 (0)1 80 91 98 67 for a quick return.

Start with Taqt and digitize your operations.

Team management with excel files and paper (sign-in sheets, work orders...) ? It's over! Taqt offers you simple and proven solutions to digitize your processes, make your teams more efficient and offer a service of excellence.