Our vision

Strengthen the sanitary system.

Cleanliness is a common good and the first shield of Health.

Except that...

The cleaning companies have:

  • A steady decline in margins
  • Customers with growing expectations
  • A complex health context

The maintenance workers have:

  • A lack of recognition
  • Difficult working conditions
  • Low pay

Our mission is to promote the world of Cleanliness.

With a long-term transformation plan :

On the Digital level

Making Cleanliness more efficient and more connected.

On the Human level

Advocate for a better integration and valorization of cleaners.

Our long collaboration with the industry has given birth to the technologies they need to transform. By better mastering the key data of their profession, the Cleaning Companies are able to sell and organize themselves better, to concentrate on the essential: their staff and their work.

a nod to the agents in reference to the Sinner's Circle.

In 1959 in Germany, Herbert Sinner, a Henkel employee, identified 4 critical parameters for efficient cleaning:

Time - Action - Chemicals - Temperature

Alongside major French companies, we have identified 4 critical parameters for achieving operational excellence:

Traceability - Alert - Quality - Transparency

We innovate and advance
with companies in the sector.

A collaborative approach

Our solutions are developed daily with and for cleaners.

An accessible technology

We provide easy-to-use software to transform their services.

Devices open.

Our devices are based on an advanced API system for easy integration.

The cleaners are

the new soldiers of the health front.

We bring together the Cleanliness players
to strengthen sanitary conditions in:

The Health

Hospitals - clinics - practices


Day care - schools - colleges - high schools - universities


Factories - tertiary - retail

The public

Communities - administrations


Airports - stations